Best Time to Visit Cherry Springs State Park

The Best Time to visit is anytime things come together. Awesome, just awesome viewing on Sunday night.  The sky and Cherry Springs State Park gave us a full Milky Way and as a live bonus the largest shooting star (meteor) I have ever seen.

It looks like the weather will be breaking in anticipation of some of the Summers best dark sky viewing in the coming weeks. As I mentioned Sunday was a very good night with no clouds at all. The Milky Way was clearly visible off to one side which gave room for everyone of the other stars.

This just emphasizes you only need to be close to the new moon.My advice is not to get all caught up on trying to peg your trip to the exact new moon. The best time to visit is when you can get here and the sky’s are favorable and as close to a new moon as possible.

It always helps to be flexible on your viewing dates. Weekdays are less crowded at the park and you may be able to get better deals on lodging too. Just our 2c.

We also had a great meal at Olga’s Bistro. They are at the light in town.

Here is their site Olga’s Bistro